How To Get Out Of Your Cell Phone Contract

by Michal on January 11, 2011

in Phone Tips

When it comes to cell phone contracts it seems like people are weary of them. Maybe its because of the complicated language or the early termination fee you get hit with for breaking the contract. Whatever the case maybe, there are some ways you can get our of your cell phone contract. This article provides a list of ways anyone can get our of their contract.

Return Your Phone Within 30 Days
Each company has a return policy on their equipment, most are 30 days. When you purchase a new phone and you agree to a contract, you have 30 days to “test out” the equipment. If you return the device within the 30 days, the company will void your contract and you will go back to the agreement of your previous contract. If you out of contract before purchasing the new equipment then you will revert back to being out of contract after making the return.

Move Out Of The Service Area
If your cell phone company can’t provide you service they will let you out of your contract without having to pay an early termination fee. For example, if you move to an area that is outside of the company’s service area the company will not hold you to the terms of the contract.

Report Bad Service
If you find yourself repeatedly having bad service the best step to take is to notify your cell phone provider. If they determine you are in an area where they provide service they will start a troubleshooting process to try and fix the problem. This could include replacing your handset. They will most likely go through a series of steps to fix your problem, but in the end, if they can’t provide you service they will not be able to hold you to the terms of the contract.

Pay The Early Termination Fee
You always have the option to just suck it up and pay the early termination fee. Each company works differently when it comes to their early termination fee policy. Some company’s, like Verizon Wireless, reduce the amount of the fee each month you full fill your agreement. For example, your fee might start out being $175, but every month you have service they will knock $5 off the fee. As a last resort, if you want out of your contract you can always just pay this fee.

Pay Attention To Plan Changes
This doesn’t happen often, but if your phone company changes prices or terms of the contract you can get out of your contract. For example, a few years ago Verizon Wireless changed the price of their text messaging rate when customer exceed their plan limits. All customers were notified of this change and given 30 days to get out of their contract as a result. Often these changes are communicated on your billing statement.

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